Tips for Increasing your Home’s Value

Being a Realtor, I am frequently asked what makes a home in Serrano worth more than the identical one down the street. Upgrades, views, location and amenities play a large part, but there are many affordable ways to help increase the value and set the home apart from the others.

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First impressions are crucial. The exterior of the home should be inviting. Fresh paint on the front door, a nice wreath, door mat, new bark and (Serrano approved) flowers add desired curb appeal.

A good cleaning goes a long way. Sparkling appliances and tidy cabinets show signs of a well maintained home. Adding light air fresheners, cleaning grout, baseboards and light switches show pride of ownership. Invest in “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponge’s”, they work wonders! For stainless steel stoves, try oven cleaner to get rid of those hard to remove stains. For grout, there are many options, but “Comet Gel with Bleach” works very well. Transforming the home from lived-in to move-in condition dramatically increases the value.

Get an expert opinion before investing in a costly remodel intended to add value.
Best return on investment upgrades:
kitchen and bathroom counter tops, knobs on cabinetry, flooring and updated appliances. Exterior paint is also a good investment. It is important to keep the home protected from the environmental elements to prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Items NOT to invest in for value purposes: Pools should be added for your enjoyment, not with intent to add value. Typically, the value added with the pool is less than the cost of the pool.
Custom paint is one of the worst investments for value purposes. Not everyone has the same taste and extravagant, over the top walls can hurt the value of your home.

When considering any home improvement projects, do not go overboard. Keep in mind that the value of your home is partially determined by the value of the neighboring homes.
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