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Schools in El Dorado Hills

View information about El Dorado Hills schools and find school boundaries

El Dorado Hills school information and boundaries

Many people move to El Dorado Hills because of the top ranked education. There are 3 districts in El Dorado Hills: Rescue Union School District (K-8), Buckeye Union School District (K-8), and El Dorado Unified High School School District (9-12).  Below are schools in El Dorado Hills.

El Dorado Union High School District
(These boundary lines can be tricky! If a specific high school is important to you, call the Menser's to verify
you are house shopping in the right areas

Oak Ridge High School

Ponderosa High School

Union Mine High School


Buckeye Union School District

Oak Meadow Elementary School

Silva Valley Elementary School

William Brooks Elementary School

Valley View Charter Montessori School

Rolling Hills Middle School

Camerado Springs Middle School

Click here to verify school boundaries by house address for Buckeye Union School District.


Rescue Union School District

Jackson Elementary School

Lake Forest Elementary School

Lakeview Elementary School

Marina Village Middle School

Click here to verify school boundaries by house address for Rescue Union School District.


Click here for a map of Private Schools.



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