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Are you thinking of selling? 5 things sellers should know.

Set the right price

Understanding market factors and how they play against your asking price is one of the most important skills a real estate professional brings to the table. What you can or cannot get for your property has nothing to do with your feelings or pre-set standards. The valuation of your home is a negotiated figure that depends on a combination of market conditions and the qualities of the property itself. And while it is important to do everything you can to show your home at its best, market conditions are whimsical by nature. Over-priced homes sit on the market and eventually get stale and less attractive to buyers.


Make it appealing

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. You turn a house into your home by filling it with your own belongings. Your belongings that makes it “your home” naturally reflects your tastes and choices. You don’t sell a home, you sell a house, and that includes the challenge of enticement – the ability to rethink the environment that was your home and transform it into a blank canvass for someone else’s imagination. Don’t only consider upgrades and repairs, decluttering and depersonalization, highlighting special features and setting the mood – but also accept that advice and assistance in staging your house can do a lot to increase its selling price.

Small details make a BIG difference

Taking the time and absorbing the costs of small renovations before you list can make a real big difference in the final sale price. The rule of details is easy to remember… the good ones are nice, but you can count on the bad ones to make a bigger and more lasting impression. It’s always better to stack the deck in your favor by remembering that a small investment at the beginning can lead to bigger bucks later.

Determine your motivation

Your reason for selling your home will affect how you approach the process. Someone looking for a quick sale, for instance, will follow a different path than a person who is more focused on turning a bigger profit. Either way, your motivation will have an affect on most aspects of the selling process, from the price you ask to the resources in time, effort, and money you are ready to invest.

Think like a buyer

It makes good sense to approach the selling process with the buyer in mind. We make it simple by telling our clients to remember that what matters most is what the buyer thinks. Try to remember back to when you first bought your house. The same qualities that drew you to it will probably appeal to other house-hunters too. To do that, you should fix anything that’s been bugging you about your place. Your home reflects your tastes and personality. Anything you can do to help others see your house as a blank canvas will help you to sell it more quickly and for more money.




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